Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Sometimes love is all you need
Sometimes love is just not enough
Sometimes I need to move on and proceed
Sometimes I think its maybe all about greed

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it to
Sometimes what you found isn't love at all
Sometimes you really don't have a clue
sometimes it only takes one phone call

Sometimes you love someone so much
Sometimes you're just not in love with them
Sometimes I really need your touch
Sometimes you have to cut it at the helm

Sometimes i can depend on love for comfort
Sometimes I keep wanting re-assurance
Sometimes I keep having endless thoughts
Sometimes most of them are of no substance

Sometimes the color of love is bright red
Sometimes it becomes as dark as black
Sometimes love completely takes over your head
Sometimes it lives you feeling as light as a kite

Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes i'll kiss you
Sometimes I won't


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Court Room Drama

Case #5 of 2016

Jack Sparrow
Robin Hood

J.S :         Your honor, my case is simple
                Simple as bursting a pimple

JUDGE:     Young man get on with it!

J.S :        You see your honor
               It was quite a beautiful day
              when i decided to stray,
              then out  of the blue came this young lady
              looking pretty like candy and decided to join me.
              The day turned into a beautiful night Sir
              and she started to hold me tight.
              So obviously your honor, the gentleman in me
              overshadowed the gangster in me and i just let it be.
              But she wanted ice cream your honor
              and as we proceeded to the parlor
              it became abundantly clear your honor,
              that i misunderstood her preferred flavor.
              So heading to the dark park
              she began to attack.

JUDGE:   Young man you are testing my patience.

J.S :      Your honor just permit me one more minute Sir
             because i really need you to hear the whole roro

JUDGE:  Speak Sir

J.S.      So as the young lady started to enjoy the ice cream
           my hands began to go down stream.
           But what i felt there your honor
           sent me way way back in the corner

JUDGE : You are treading on dangerous grounds young man!

J.S :     Can you believe it your honor, that she was actually a he
           So you know my honor, the gangster came out in me

JUDGE : Order in Court, Order in Court
             So Jack Sparrow, what more do you want from Robin Hood

J.S. :    Your honor
            I'm suing "he, she, shim" for embarrassment, false identity, pain &                 suffering and distress
            And your honor "shim" have to pay for that ice cream, because it                   wasn't free

BAILIFF:  Order in Court, Order in Court 

JUDGE:  Robin Hood, what have you to say for yourself?

R.H. :    Your honor
           I saw this lovely young man looking so worried and over burdened and            so i just wanted to help him relax. (in a most provocative female                    voice).
           So your honor i'm guilty as charged

JUDGE: Judgment for the claimant to be paid in kind.
              Have a nice day, court adjourned.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I was so disappointed today when my car broke down
If you had seen my face it had quite a huge frown
I can't believe you have finally made your mark
And  left me alone in this street that's awe so dark

When the news came i was so disappointed
I just found out that i was not promoted
Tell me my boss, what more can I do
Do you think its a good idea that I should sue

The Doctor said i'm sorry you lost the baby
I thought it was a nightmare or dream maybe
But when the disappointment finally set it
All I could think of is where I've been

I'm so disappointed I missed my flight
I really needed to soar like a kite
i'm begging and pleading but i'm on standby
If I don't make it i'll surely cry

Every disappointment is a blessing they say
I've prayed and I've prayed and I've waited all day
for some much needed good news
which never came my way

So disappointed
in disappointments

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I Love You

I Love You.....
When is it the right time to say these words
2 days, one week, 5 months
Is it ever too soon to say I Love You
or do the feelings determine when you do?

I Love You
Should come from deep within the heart
and not only from the tender lips
It should be meant with every part of the being
and be a special soul healing

I Love You
Can be so thoughtful but yet so destructive
It can be heartwarming yet so heartbreaking
It can do countless things to you that you never imagined
especially when it was not expected

I Love You
The words should excite you
revive you
enlighten you
confuse you
estrange you
or destroy you

I Love You
for your smile
for your kindness
for your warmth
for your understanding
I Love You for You.....
I really really do

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Both of You

I'm torn
quite heart broken
don't know what to do
I need to choose between you and you

I'm caught up
really really confused
what's a girl to do cause
I can't have my cake and eat it to

I'm confused
losing endless endless sleep
staying out late in the dew
trying to ascertain the right way to go

I'm lost
I need some kind of intervention
I need to start thinking straight
even though i think it's way too late

I'm thinking
how did I get to this point
why couldn't I control my emotions
I just can't decide between you and you


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Forbidden Friend

From the day i laid eyes on you
i knew right then and there that you were extra ordinary
and when we made eye contact
i felt an instant overwhelming connection

My mind and heart raced uncontrollably
longing to say something meaningful and worthy
but when i was afforded the opportunity
i was quite speechless and so very subtle

We became friends, the forbidden type
trying desperately to control that feeling
the feeling that was buried deep down in our souls
eagerly and patiently awaiting the perfect moment to erupt

my heart was already taken
but you did something special to me
i'm trying desperately to fight that feeling
the feeling of comfort, understanding and gentleness that you display

Then when you said the magic 3 words
my heart exploded with both joy and sadness
knowing that i was treading on thin ground
here and now i decided that he would always always remain my one and only.....Forbidden Friend

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Wait

Sitting at the Doctor's office for an appointment at 4
right now it's quarter past 6 and I don't think I can wait anymore
the frustration is finally kicking in
I think it's time I get real mean

Our date was perfectly set for 8
but some people can be so dam late
I think i'm gonna call this thing off
cause i'm really starting to huff and puff

The show was scheduled for 7 they say
but i'm still waiting for Kevin to come my way
why is it so hard to keep a said time
too many excuses, they should just go mime

It has been 16 hours and the jury's still in
I'm really wondering whats got their minds bubbling
I thought the case was so clear cut
oh my...he's not guilty..well well what have we got

You're really sick the Doctor said
I'm gonna admit you and give you some meds
two hours have gone and i'm still waiting for a bed
i'm frustrated and uncomfortable and its hurting my head

Bossman bossman I need some money
can I get it soon cause i'm quite in a hurry
how many more days before I get paid
the wait alas, is driving me insane