Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Forbidden Friend

From the day i laid eyes on you
i knew right then and there that you were extra ordinary
and when we made eye contact
i felt an instant overwhelming connection

My mind and heart raced uncontrollably
longing to say something meaningful and worthy
but when i was afforded the opportunity
i was quite speechless and so very subtle

We became friends, the forbidden type
trying desperately to control that feeling
the feeling that was buried deep down in our souls
eagerly and patiently awaiting the perfect moment to erupt

my heart was already taken
but you did something special to me
i'm trying desperately to fight that feeling
the feeling of comfort, understanding and gentleness that you display

Then when you said the magic 3 words
my heart exploded with both joy and sadness
knowing that i was treading on thin ground
here and now i decided that he would always always remain my one and only.....Forbidden Friend

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