Sunday, 29 April 2012


Have you ever thought about the lie you just told?
the impact and hurt it may have caused
to the one you love and often hold

Lies are dangerous weapons
they can leave you feeling down
hurt and embarrassed
neglected and rejected
confused and alone

A lie can destroy your sanity
send you places where there's no ability
to return to the place you once were
where you thought love would grow and grow

But when he told that lie
all you could do was cry
and instantly it set your mind thinking
that life was not worth living

You planned revenge
to hurt him even more
but that just wasn't you
so you had to stay true

You stayed in bed all day
didn't have the strength to move, eat or drink
nothing any one said
could make any sense in your head

Why is it so hard to tell the truth
when we know that one lie brings another
you've told me so many already
that giving up...well there's just no other

A lie...easy to be said
so painful to recover from
yet still we make up stories in our head
despite the consequence

Think before you speak
cause a lie can seek
to put extreme pressure
on the love ones you treasure

Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Will

I remember it was just yesterday
when we met on that rainy saturday
we glanced at each other
and from there life became better

You gave me the Will to hang on
to accept being wrong
to go the distance
and to trod the extra mile

You loved me unconditionally
and sacrificed no matter what
to make sure that I was happy
despite the bad weather

Your love has nurtured me
healed me
comforted me
guided me
and kept me safe through it all

I thank God for the Will
for the extra push
for the love he has showed me
especially when I wanted to give up

You rubbed my feet when I was tired
combed my hair when I was weak
held my hand ever so often
and kissed me so softly

you have been my strength
my rock
my lover
my guide
and my inspiration

I WILL forever love you
your warm smile
your big hugs
your tender touches
and your encouragement speeches

You gave me THE WILL to excel and I will be eternally grateful

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A name so commonly used
But what really defines a mother?
Is it her kind ways
gentle touches
warm hugs
sweet kisses
or her soothing words

Is any woman a mother because she bores a child?

A mother caresses
and encourages her children

She clears your path from danger
guides you on the right track
even makes you fall
so that you can learn to rise on your own

A mother never leaves her children wanting
wishes them bad
hates, ridicules their looks and behaviors
or publicly embarrases them

She cries so easily at every accomplishments
that it compliments who she really is
an achiever
a believer
a go getter
and a reminder
that she'll always be around

A mother
cries when you cry
laughs when you laugh
stays with you when you're on a high
and hugs and comforts you when you're on a low

Mother, mama, mum, mummy, ma
called by many names
but it is really part of a lovely game
to hold your mother's heart so close to thee
and treasure her cause she holds the key

Mother...a name used for someone who loves you
an aunt
a cousin
a grandma
a sister
and even dads are sometimes the best mums

Mum...i love you and i love being one

Saturday, 21 April 2012


When is Enough is enough

I've heard it been said so many times that i've had enough
enough of hardships
enough of friendships
enough of broken promises
enough of cheating relationships

Enough of being used and abused
lied to and tampled on
Enough of heartaches and heartbreaks
excuses after excuses

But still i ask when is enough enough?

Enough of waiting up all nite
for that special one
enough of cold dinners
and late showers
not even a phone call
or a gentle kiss
to make u feel like you're missed at all

But alas
when will that time come
when i can finally say
oh...what a storm
I've given my all
I've tried my best
But i guess my best was not just enough

No matter what comes my way
i can honestly say
that i've had my fair share
of enoughs
to carry me through the rest of the year

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Little House

From my little house on the hill

I can see the ever blazing blue sky
the tall coconut trees
the grafted mango trees
the lovely ocean

I feel the cool breeze that warms my soul
and fills the air especially in the evenings

I listen attentively to the crickets, the bees, the birds
and even the dogs barking ferociously at every  passerby

But what is it about my little house on the hill?

Is it the view,
the size,
the location
or am i just so comfortable no matter what, that nothing really matters

My little house on the hill brings me so much joy
that i often forget what lies outside
my neighbours
how hot it is
or even how brightly the moon shines

My flowers, my garden, my family
my love for the tv and romantic movies
even a nice sweet book or a quiet love song
keeps me constantly busy

Oh how i truly love without a doubt my little house on the hill

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Tomorrow, tomorrow
we are never promised a tomorrow, or a new day or a bright sunshine
or even life

We are promised a life full of love, memories, happiness
and even a bright future

But life..
we must live it being positive and grow in strength day by day

But life..
seizes to exist if we stop growing and moving forward
no matter how many hurdles and challenges we face

We have one life to live
so let's live it to the fullest,
let's live it in the present,
let's live it with God,
so that our todays can be worth remembering
and our tomorrows are like stars in the sky
distant but yet so very very close