Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I was so disappointed today when my car broke down
If you had seen my face it had quite a huge frown
I can't believe you have finally made your mark
And  left me alone in this street that's awe so dark

When the news came i was so disappointed
I just found out that i was not promoted
Tell me my boss, what more can I do
Do you think its a good idea that I should sue

The Doctor said i'm sorry you lost the baby
I thought it was a nightmare or dream maybe
But when the disappointment finally set it
All I could think of is where I've been

I'm so disappointed I missed my flight
I really needed to soar like a kite
i'm begging and pleading but i'm on standby
If I don't make it i'll surely cry

Every disappointment is a blessing they say
I've prayed and I've prayed and I've waited all day
for some much needed good news
which never came my way

So disappointed
in disappointments

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