Wednesday, 30 May 2012


 I'm a sportsgyal if you didn't know
my support only grows and grows
i'm hooked on sports that's for sure
i'll love it till i die no need to say anymore

The guys love me
the girls hate me, wanna be like me
can't stand me
we can strike up a convo
and go on and on like there's no tomorrow

I love my Celtics
cause we're buzzer beaters
and i love my Man U
so no need to say boo

I love the energy that the games bring out
don't talk about the rivalry, its entertainment for sure
we never get tired of the constant bickering
especially from supporters like Delroy...whose team hardly wins

Soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball
football, boxing, athletics, netball
not forgetting lovely cricket and the West Indies
who always make my heart skip a beat
but nonetheless i'm always dancing

No matter what sport it is
i'm locked in and on the scene
i'm a sportsgyal that's what i am
i try so hard to remain calm
but the heat, excitement and passion
keeps me always in awe

Be it NBA,NFl, BPL or IPL
my tv is locked on you can tell
be it Sportsmax, Fox Sports, ESPN or ABC
No need to look any further that's where i'll be

I'm a sportsgyal if you didn't know
there's always so much roro
never a dull moment it keeps us all aglow
Just a reminder that my teams never disappoint me
i blame the coaches at times cause their selections sometimes surprises me

Last but not least my baby Ronnie
My just can't buy with money
your number 7 will always live on
and in my heart we shall never part

I'm a sportsgyal if you didn't know
by now i should be hosting my own sports show
Manchester United
West Indies
I could go on and on
but i got to go

Sports is life and life is full of sports

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Break Up

A break up can do alot of things
prepare you for better things to come
leave you feeling down
heal you from wounds of hurt
or help you to be more alert

You knew it would last forever
thought it would never wither,
crumble, but prosper
then all of a sudden out of nowhere
you felt like a stranger

You reminisced on the nights when he held you close
the sweet kisses, that you would always boast
not one night was your bed ever cold
you always had that warmth, he was yours to hold

How could a love so strong ever die
you thought you were really on a high
but little did you know
that something was going down pretty quickly though

When that dreadful day came
you never felt the same
you sat down in a corner
as if your whole world was over

He said he'd never leave
he said you'd be forever
he swore that you were the only one
but i guess the lies knew better

But how do i move on
how do i walk away
with all this hurt and pain
all these everlasting memories

So many unanswered questions
so many unfinished thoughts
my mind...filled with pieces to a puzzle
i'm tryin, i'm trying but i just can't remove the nozzle

The breakup reminded me of my childhood
when my best toy got lost or stolen
the only thing left to do really
is either get a new toy
or continue to cry and cry over the lost boy