Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Court Room Drama

Case #5 of 2016

Jack Sparrow
Robin Hood

J.S :         Your honor, my case is simple
                Simple as bursting a pimple

JUDGE:     Young man get on with it!

J.S :        You see your honor
               It was quite a beautiful day
              when i decided to stray,
              then out  of the blue came this young lady
              looking pretty like candy and decided to join me.
              The day turned into a beautiful night Sir
              and she started to hold me tight.
              So obviously your honor, the gentleman in me
              overshadowed the gangster in me and i just let it be.
              But she wanted ice cream your honor
              and as we proceeded to the parlor
              it became abundantly clear your honor,
              that i misunderstood her preferred flavor.
              So heading to the dark park
              she began to attack.

JUDGE:   Young man you are testing my patience.

J.S :      Your honor just permit me one more minute Sir
             because i really need you to hear the whole roro

JUDGE:  Speak Sir

J.S.      So as the young lady started to enjoy the ice cream
           my hands began to go down stream.
           But what i felt there your honor
           sent me way way back in the corner

JUDGE : You are treading on dangerous grounds young man!

J.S :     Can you believe it your honor, that she was actually a he
           So you know my honor, the gangster came out in me

JUDGE : Order in Court, Order in Court
             So Jack Sparrow, what more do you want from Robin Hood

J.S. :    Your honor
            I'm suing "he, she, shim" for embarrassment, false identity, pain &                 suffering and distress
            And your honor "shim" have to pay for that ice cream, because it                   wasn't free

BAILIFF:  Order in Court, Order in Court 

JUDGE:  Robin Hood, what have you to say for yourself?

R.H. :    Your honor
           I saw this lovely young man looking so worried and over burdened and            so i just wanted to help him relax. (in a most provocative female                    voice).
           So your honor i'm guilty as charged

JUDGE: Judgment for the claimant to be paid in kind.
              Have a nice day, court adjourned.

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