Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I Love You

I Love You.....
When is it the right time to say these words
2 days, one week, 5 months
Is it ever too soon to say I Love You
or do the feelings determine when you do?

I Love You
Should come from deep within the heart
and not only from the tender lips
It should be meant with every part of the being
and be a special soul healing

I Love You
Can be so thoughtful but yet so destructive
It can be heartwarming yet so heartbreaking
It can do countless things to you that you never imagined
especially when it was not expected

I Love You
The words should excite you
revive you
enlighten you
confuse you
estrange you
or destroy you

I Love You
for your smile
for your kindness
for your warmth
for your understanding
I Love You for You.....
I really really do