Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Wait

Sitting at the Doctor's office for an appointment at 4
right now it's quarter past 6 and I don't think I can wait anymore
the frustration is finally kicking in
I think it's time I get real mean

Our date was perfectly set for 8
but some people can be so dam late
I think i'm gonna call this thing off
cause i'm really starting to huff and puff

The show was scheduled for 7 they say
but i'm still waiting for Kevin to come my way
why is it so hard to keep a said time
too many excuses, they should just go mime

It has been 16 hours and the jury's still in
I'm really wondering whats got their minds bubbling
I thought the case was so clear cut
oh my...he's not guilty..well well what have we got

You're really sick the Doctor said
I'm gonna admit you and give you some meds
two hours have gone and i'm still waiting for a bed
i'm frustrated and uncomfortable and its hurting my head

Bossman bossman I need some money
can I get it soon cause i'm quite in a hurry
how many more days before I get paid
the wait alas, is driving me insane