Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Will

I remember it was just yesterday
when we met on that rainy saturday
we glanced at each other
and from there life became better

You gave me the Will to hang on
to accept being wrong
to go the distance
and to trod the extra mile

You loved me unconditionally
and sacrificed no matter what
to make sure that I was happy
despite the bad weather

Your love has nurtured me
healed me
comforted me
guided me
and kept me safe through it all

I thank God for the Will
for the extra push
for the love he has showed me
especially when I wanted to give up

You rubbed my feet when I was tired
combed my hair when I was weak
held my hand ever so often
and kissed me so softly

you have been my strength
my rock
my lover
my guide
and my inspiration

I WILL forever love you
your warm smile
your big hugs
your tender touches
and your encouragement speeches

You gave me THE WILL to excel and I will be eternally grateful

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