Friday, 13 April 2012

The Little House

From my little house on the hill

I can see the ever blazing blue sky
the tall coconut trees
the grafted mango trees
the lovely ocean

I feel the cool breeze that warms my soul
and fills the air especially in the evenings

I listen attentively to the crickets, the bees, the birds
and even the dogs barking ferociously at every  passerby

But what is it about my little house on the hill?

Is it the view,
the size,
the location
or am i just so comfortable no matter what, that nothing really matters

My little house on the hill brings me so much joy
that i often forget what lies outside
my neighbours
how hot it is
or even how brightly the moon shines

My flowers, my garden, my family
my love for the tv and romantic movies
even a nice sweet book or a quiet love song
keeps me constantly busy

Oh how i truly love without a doubt my little house on the hill

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