Saturday, 21 April 2012


When is Enough is enough

I've heard it been said so many times that i've had enough
enough of hardships
enough of friendships
enough of broken promises
enough of cheating relationships

Enough of being used and abused
lied to and tampled on
Enough of heartaches and heartbreaks
excuses after excuses

But still i ask when is enough enough?

Enough of waiting up all nite
for that special one
enough of cold dinners
and late showers
not even a phone call
or a gentle kiss
to make u feel like you're missed at all

But alas
when will that time come
when i can finally say
oh...what a storm
I've given my all
I've tried my best
But i guess my best was not just enough

No matter what comes my way
i can honestly say
that i've had my fair share
of enoughs
to carry me through the rest of the year

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