Sunday, 29 April 2012


Have you ever thought about the lie you just told?
the impact and hurt it may have caused
to the one you love and often hold

Lies are dangerous weapons
they can leave you feeling down
hurt and embarrassed
neglected and rejected
confused and alone

A lie can destroy your sanity
send you places where there's no ability
to return to the place you once were
where you thought love would grow and grow

But when he told that lie
all you could do was cry
and instantly it set your mind thinking
that life was not worth living

You planned revenge
to hurt him even more
but that just wasn't you
so you had to stay true

You stayed in bed all day
didn't have the strength to move, eat or drink
nothing any one said
could make any sense in your head

Why is it so hard to tell the truth
when we know that one lie brings another
you've told me so many already
that giving up...well there's just no other

A lie...easy to be said
so painful to recover from
yet still we make up stories in our head
despite the consequence

Think before you speak
cause a lie can seek
to put extreme pressure
on the love ones you treasure