Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A name so commonly used
But what really defines a mother?
Is it her kind ways
gentle touches
warm hugs
sweet kisses
or her soothing words

Is any woman a mother because she bores a child?

A mother caresses
and encourages her children

She clears your path from danger
guides you on the right track
even makes you fall
so that you can learn to rise on your own

A mother never leaves her children wanting
wishes them bad
hates, ridicules their looks and behaviors
or publicly embarrases them

She cries so easily at every accomplishments
that it compliments who she really is
an achiever
a believer
a go getter
and a reminder
that she'll always be around

A mother
cries when you cry
laughs when you laugh
stays with you when you're on a high
and hugs and comforts you when you're on a low

Mother, mama, mum, mummy, ma
called by many names
but it is really part of a lovely game
to hold your mother's heart so close to thee
and treasure her cause she holds the key

Mother...a name used for someone who loves you
an aunt
a cousin
a grandma
a sister
and even dads are sometimes the best mums

Mum...i love you and i love being one

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