Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day

It should be a day celebrated by true dads
definitely not those who always make the mums so mad
but rather stick throughout the bad weather
and when the sun shines they'll be glad they stayed together

A father shows an unending support and appreciation
notwithstanding his little contribution
but the love and comfort should never be lost
cause we all know the price this might cost

A father should always show strength in weakness
laughter in sorrow
encouragement in disappointment
victory in defeat and
be a shoulder to cry on inspite of the ongoing circumstance

A fathers heart should always be open
inviting endless long talks no matter whats popping
giving numerous advice whenever needed
to the one who holds him dear
and will always always care

I give thumbs up to all fathers
who have played their rightful role
to be bold
in the cold
and to hold
and be told
that love is not to be sold
neither is it expected to get too old

Fathers continue leading the way
and be good examples regardless of what people might say
play an active part in your childs life
no matter how many bees are in the hive

A father can be an uncle
a brother
a cousin
and even some mums are the best dads
but irrespective of who holds the lead
always remember he's the one you will always need

Happy Fathers Day

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